February 29, 2008

Don't look

Radio Esperanto celebrates calendaric anomolies with acoustic accompanyment this coming leap evening.

Tune in if you choose, by pointing your mp3-thingy to our server.

Leap Show
Feb 29, 21:00 (PST)
with CJP.

stream links available at:


February 25, 2008

Filthy English Pig Dog

For my scots-rebellion English:
Sir Charles le Brun, his faithful hound Snoup├ę, and his trusted standard bearer Linus VanPelt, Esquire.

The coat of arms is actuyally authentic for a knight who fought at Falkirk and aStirling (William le Vavasour).

February 12, 2008

Parliament of freehand

The shields from this unit. The owl motif on the warriors shields are based on the seattle street artist (OvO). The leader's shield is based on an Athenian coin.

February 11, 2008

Scion of Athena

The leader of the band of warrior women:

Boobs just for you, Jericho. ;)

February 10, 2008

Amazons: Its Greek To Me

The Cult of Athena's standard:

The greek on the standard is from the ~7th centrury BCE 'Homeric' Hymns. . . it reads:

"Of Pallas Athena, Guardian of the City, I begin to sing. Dread is she, and with Ares she loves deeds of battle, the taking of cities and the clamour and the conflict."

February 7, 2008

Amazons finished

Part 2 of the boobies showcase:

February 6, 2008

Let them have Boobs

Since the boob related posts are obviosuly the most popular, and in demand, I give you The Warrior Cult of Athena:

( The whole unit, and a close up of the HQ - more later)

February 4, 2008

Deinonychus, party of 4. . .

I'm really happy with the way these came out. Never tried to get an skin like this before so for for a first go, I'm pleased:

February 3, 2008

jurassic pork

I'm tackling 4 Deinonychuses now:

darksword WIP

This is going to be 'Hamar' a charcter for one my clients' RPG. From Darksword's line, sculpted by Tom Meier.

February 1, 2008

loads o' lizards

I finished the Reptilliad unit today:

Next up I think will be the Brits. . or possibly dinosaurs.