April 21, 2010

once upon a time on my desk

Just to dispel any concerns as to my dedication or interest toward miniatures, let it be known that despite a lack of evidence toward this fact: I still like to paint. In fact, my gang is getting its green on.

For much of April I was battling with some stupid ailments that kept me from sitting at the painting desk for any extended, or even fairly normal, period of time, but I did manage to get a test figure done with all my new green paints, and I quite like him. Now the rest are following suit. If all goes well, it shouldn't take /too/ much longer before my wuxia warriors are ready to take on skaven and orcs and goblins.

April 18, 2010

Frotherheim - Salute 2010

Here is the official blurb about the Frotherheim game that I've been painting many of the critters seen here recently for. If you're going to be there next weekend, go check it out!


Frotherheim - where the sky rains with fire and all below is ruined and wracked.

Frotherheim - where looters and adventurers seek rich pickings in the wrecked buildings and mysterious rocks that have fallen from above.

Frotherheim - where the survivors blame the warbands for all the ills that have befallen them and happily execute them in cruel and unusual ways in Execution Square.

Never was a town more cursed than Frotherheim.

In every alley way scum waits to cut your throat.

In every shadow lurks a monster ready to rip you asunder.

Fame and fortune or shame and an ignoble and rather painful death await all who venture within!

Frotherheim is a game run by Frothers for Salute 2010 using the Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset.

Prizes have been generously donated by such companies as Blood Moon, Otherworld (yes, you have a chance to win the uber massive Otherworld giant!), Dave Thomas, Fenris Games and Red Box Games.

Come and see us on table GD03 where death, glory and spankingly good prizes await you!


April 9, 2010

I renounce God! I shall rise from my own death to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness!

This is a limited release Dracula (based on the F.F.Coppola movie version) from Artizan Designs, given to me by the mad Scotsman, Mr. Mooney.

Better Pics

I finished this earlier this winter but held off posting it to be true to the spirit of the Steve Dean Forum painting competition, but now that I've gotten a complete pasting from everything I've come up against in the contest, no one can accuse me of influencing the voting, thats for sure. I'm not really suprised its not doing super well, as its a bit of a departure from normal styles, and the SD crowd is nothing if not traditionalists by and large. I'm not bothered though, as I got out of it exactly what I wanted, and I'll enjoy him being a unique vampire count in the van of my undead units.

April 2, 2010

nice rack

I finally did it.

The amount of space I've cut off from my shelf makes me wonder about using the shelf at all. I'm not ready to re-arrange that severely yet though. . . that shelf has been part of my painting set up for 15 years or something stupid like that. Not always well used, but always there. Who knows what I'll end up doing in the long run, but for now, it looks pretty, and I did open up a lot more room, which I promptly filled with paints that were on the back of the shelf and in drawers.