July 23, 2012

not completely dead

Since I was so belated in updating the hot pot and the tree, I thought I perhaps owed the world a post about things yet to come, rather than those long since completed. In that spirit, here are some vague previews of things that may come to pass sooner or later. Whichever the case may be, they are periodically receiving my attentions at the painting table.

Something that I should have finished years ago this way cometh!:

And a little urban development:

More to come, at some point.

July 20, 2012

The forest is a college; Each tree, a university

This was very much not on my schedule for this spring. It unexpectedly caught my fancy, and I followed where that enthusiasm led. At first I decided to paint it just for something different, and because I had recently received the figure as a thank you for donating my halfling steam tank to a charity auction. Once I got to looking at it, I became more and more interested in the piece, and was quite interesting in finishing it.

I really like that this is far less anthropomorphic than most tree-man figures out there. The lack of a face is particularly effective. I hadn't really realized it until confronted with this figure, but the attempts to put a humanoid face on a tree is actually a large part of why I have been dis-satisfied with many other treeman figures I've seen. This one manages to really seem like a forest creature or a woodland elemental, and a lot less like a man in a tree suit.

All the more impressive when you realize the sculptor, one Jeremy Wright, is not a professional at this. While I don't think this was his first attempt at slinging putty, I'm pretty sure it is a fairly early effort from him. I look forward to more interesting work from him, if this is an indication of what he can do.

Dinner will be served shortly

A very belated missive here as I realize I never posted my second diminutive war machine of the year, a long over due halfling hot pot that that I've had laying around for a decade or so.

The additional cook comes from Impact! Miniatures.