March 29, 2012

Old Reliable, Pride of the Eleventy-First

When Hobbits go to war, they bring their tanks.

This is my annual contribution to the Frothers participation game at Salute. One of this years games is a Fantasy WW1 table, with British Hobbits and Russian Dwarves facing off against the Pickelhaub-clad forces of the goblins. It will no doubt be fairly entertaining.

The sharpshooter is a Hasslefree Kindred, and the tank is a resin kit from Ironclad Miniatures.

March 12, 2012

half of a half man

This is the little fellow who'll be taking pot shots out the hatch of the tank.

rumours of spring

Just in time for the spring equinox, we have Oberon, king of the fairies.

I've always loved this figure, but finally decided to dig out of the drawers of woe because it meets the criteria to be an entry for the friendly Q1 painting competition over at Frothers, which has a March31 deadline. I'm going to be engaged for much of march and not able to get much painting in on the weekends, so its a good thing to get this done and out of the way.

Its also that time of year again where I tend to take a little diversion to paint something for the FUUK demo game at Salute. 2012 is no different, and this year I've decided to put my efforts toward a little contribution for the Fantasy WW1 game.

First up I assembled this little resin VSF steam tank from Ironclad miniatures. I didn't like the little machine gun it had on the front so I swapped it out for something with a little more *boom*. I also dremeled away the top hatch to make room for a crewman.

A little brass sheeting and plastic tubing for rivets is turning into a replacement hatch cover to have slung open over the new opening.

I think its going to be a fun little project.

March 6, 2012

Trouble at'Mill!

My new command group, including one of the best two-weapon options I've seen in a while:

These will eventually be leading a unit of Rodoleros, though I've only completed a few test pieces so far. The final unit will be pretty sizable, and a mix of Wargames Foundry, TAG, and BrotherVinni figures. Here is a little taste of what it will be like:

I have to say, I'm quite thrilled at the prospect of fielding this unit; I think they'll look wonderful. The Inquisition figs were a joy to paint. Give Victoria Lamb some buisiness, and get a set for yourself. :)