February 27, 2013

The latest from the Moot.

Behold His Emminent Shortness, Hisme Stoutheart. 

Elder of the Moot and Elector of the Empire, astride his trusty steed RamLamb. 

see also: Another distraction 

At least it was only a minor one. I'm still nominally in the middle of my undead project, I promise. My carrion unit was done, aside from a unique addition I wanted to make, and I had to put it on hold while I awaited its restock from the UK, and eventual shipping from a US supplier who I kick my self for using any time I shop there again. I swear he is one of the slowest shops out there, even with things he /does/ have in stock.   Anyway, it finally arrived from Heresey miniatures, and now its carved up on my desk awaiting some conversion help.  

I've also been plagued by some annoying health issues that have limited my painting time, so not much has happened on the conversion yet. I did manage acouple sessions this past week in which I was able to finish the above halfling on sheep, from Warploque miniatures. This was another kind of unexpected project, as a result of the thematic monthly contests over at the Empire Forum. This month it was Imperial Electors for which no previous model had ever been made. How could I not represent the dear halflings in such an endeavor.

The sculpt is a little soft on details, and cast in resin. All in all, the fun character of the sculpt pretty much makes the more cottage quality feel acceptable.

Hopefully, more carrion before too long!

February 8, 2013

The Witch Hunter, starring Donald Sutherland

He looks less like Donald Sutherland now that he's painted, but the head on this guy kept reminding me of him, all through the project.

This is a custom witch hunter I whipped up for a paint-an-empire-witchhunter contest. (he won :) ).

It is made from a Foundry Highwayman, a Bretonnian Man at Arms,  a Basiks knight head, and some sculpting putty to make it all fit together:

Nifty broken flagstone base is either Fenris of Dragonforge. . . I can't actually remember which.