February 19, 2018

Small men, big month

It has been forever since I've had motivation to paint, which is unfortunate. But what is fortunate, is that I got over myself a little regarding that, and found some time to paint.  The motivation this time is to help out with the Wild In The Streets game being put on at Salute 2018 by Slow Death Games, with some help from the Random Platypus crew.

Wild In The Streets is a skirmish game pitting youth subculture gangs like punks, goths, and roller-girls against one another.  More links below, however if you're curious about the figures, do check out this RP Review: Wild in the Streets Miniatures.

There will be 2 games running at Salute 2018, so go check it out. My contribution to the fray is this Straight Edge gang:

For more info on WITS:

Thanks to s00p @ Slow Death Games for the opportunity to contribute some paint to the games, and some well needed motivation to get off my ass this month and throw down some paint.