July 31, 2010

a knight at home.

My motorcycle ride I had planned for the afternoon got cancelled, so after a trip to buy some new brushes and hang out with Benjamin I got some more work done on this fellow.

I actually didn't spend as much time on him this afternoon as I did on his compatriot. For some reason I didn't want to paint him by himself, so now I get to add two more figures to my Reiksguard unit instead of just one. :)

roadside assistance

I got into the armor last night. I was a bit slow, it's been a year or more since I did my other reisksguard, and it took a bit to remember how I handled the paint on them, but I eventually more ore less remembered:

Then a friend came by to borrow a tire iron and jack, and it turned into a 2 hour grease filled fiasco. By the time I got home and started dinner again, and then finished eating, I was out of energy. My plans for today appear to have canceled too, so maybe I'll have it done sooner than I thought.

July 30, 2010

Quick fast in a hurry, flavor don't worry

Here is the Reiksguard as I left him before bed last night:

Statutory Speed Painting

The other day on a forum I frequent the chance came up to buy an old Citadel figure that I don't have, and that would look neat in a unit I've been collecting for a long time. I don't specifically chase down OOP figures, but it is neat to have the occasional unique figure for a bit of variety. It brings a bit of character to the units- especially when they are ~30 strong, and there have only been 4 or 5 different figures widely released in the newer, more available ranges.

So I offered this fellow a few dollars for the figure, knowing that it could fetch more on ebay, but I am not interested in paying premium collector's prices, I had a feeling he was more interested in moving some of his old lead to appreciative new homes than he was trying to make a downpayment on a car. I included in my offer that I would of course pay shipping on top of that.

He responded back with the counter offer of the exact same dollar amount, but that it would include the shipping, on the condition that I paint it as soon as possible upon reciept of the figure. Not only was the price fair, but my amusement of him attaching this rider to the offer was such that I felt I /had/ to accept.

Well I came home after my game last night to a packet on the table. I was momentarily baffled as to what it included, having somehow already forgotten about this transaction. I laughed when I opened it, and then realized I had to reconsider what remained of my evening.

I sat down and began cleaning up the figure- not too much flash or mold lines on this old specimen! I got him cleaned up and based, then went to start dinner. Once I got things in the oven I came back and primed the figure. Food was up, so I ate. After dinner I started in on the painting properly, and I got the boots and gloves done before it was time for bed.

I do plan to document the process, but was too tired last night. I'll take a picture when I get home, before starting on his armor tonight.

It was such a little thing, but it really amused me that he should add such a stipulation to an informal transaction between internet aquaintances. I also really appreciate that acceptance suggests that I really do want it to fill out a little spot in my army, rather than that I'm trying to scam him for low priced rare lead that I can then sit on, or post on ebay and try to make a profit of his generosity.

Cool toys should be played with. ;)

July 20, 2010

This is your . . . sanctuary

Another night at the desk!

In the order in which I started them:

The VSF Prussian tank commander I did for Tobsen77 Minitures:

The hunters for my Mordheim wuxia warband:

Which means all I have left for the warband is characters! A few more than I'd originally intended, but still it sounds good to say that the rank and file gangers are done.

And lastly, Ilsa von X for the painting swap:

I'm pretty happy with how she came out actually, for the time invested.

I may be way behind on almost everything, but it felt nice to finally put these to bed tonight.

Props to DanEfex for putting me in the groove.

July 19, 2010

Frauline Braun

Fear not dear reader(s?), I have not abandoned my blog! It is that time of year again when it can be hard to sit at a desk, especially somewhere that is as chilly and wet the rest of the year as the Pacific North West can be. I've been off getting the garden planted, playing outside with my friends, running around with my wife, and riding my motorbike 3500 miles around the Rocky Mountains and NW part of the country. We have wonderful (if a bit tardy this year) summers up here, and they call a person to enjoy them with full enthusiasm.

Much though I love the sun and the outdoors I still miss making little things pretty with paint, so I have managed to fit in a little bit of work this last 2 weeks or so. Most recently, this evening I sat down and got going on an over due figure I'm painting for a forum figure swap. Not really my normal cup of tea, but thats sort of the point for a figure swap, so thats okay.

Figure: Ilsa Von X
Publisher/Game: Grind House Games / Incursion

I decided to not go with the predictable black boots, black corset, black gloves, black everything etc, and so far I'm really happy with the warm russet leather I've got going on, I think it works well with the drab fatigues I've done. I'm not sure the corset will work in that color though, and I think it might actually be better in black. Having the brown leather to offset some of the big black areas I reckon will actually allow the corset being black to not be to much. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow. I'm certainly open to suggestions on that one. I'm not going to belabour it too much, I just want to do a decent job for the fellow in Australia who is waiting for it.