August 27, 2008

August 24, 2008

random detour to the chaos wastes

Random chaos thug. A coworker got it as a freebie from his warhammer online account and doesn't do lead, so he thought he was being nice by giving it to me. I don't want it, and likely would never source any conversions from it, so I painted it and am giving it back to him. That'll learn him!

August 18, 2008

first day with the hook

(punchline to a great pirate joke). Anyway, I took a week off for a motorcycle ride, and then a few more days to get back into the painting groove, but here I am. Made a little progress on the this group. I'll enjoy these last three, but I'm definately ready to be done with the skellies.

August 3, 2008


I'm off for a week.
No painting, no job, not much at all. Just my motorcycle, sunshine, and the twistiest roads between Seattle and Western Montana for the next 6 days.
Duae Rotae Optimae!