February 25, 2011

I'm a legionnaire, camel in disrepair

Working on all sorts of things at once, but when I need a break from doing loads of straps and shoes and weapon shafts on the dwarf unit, I take a moment to do a round on the FFL. So far I have the flesh done, and the first two coats on the uniforms.

February 18, 2011

keep on keeping on, and the face of things to come

There has been a lot of distraction around MadPonies Laboratories lately. We've been having to work out new menus and shopping habits so my wife can try and figure out what specific food allergies or intolerances are at the root of her health issues. Then there was the bathroom repainting project that started small but after some leaks were found turned into an extended project including ripping out shower walls, plumbing, re-doing drywall etc. All quite unexpected. But fear not! I have indeed managed to keep on with my dwarves through all this, though at a diminished rate to be sure.

I have finished the surcoat re-paints, and am moving onto the various accessories and beards and hair etc.

The more I look at the musician I have for this unit, the less happy I am with it. Maybe I'll like it more when I paint it up... thought I'm contemplating a using a little halfling hornblower I have hanging around instead. We'll see.

I've also begun prep work on some of my next figures, two different small projects that will both be an interesting departure from my normal genres. First up is a modern French Foreign Legion fire team. The figures are from Dadi & Piombo, with a head swap for the sniper. His rifle barrel broke in shipment, so I'm working on sculpting a new muzzle for it today.

And next is a femme fatale from Statuesque Miniatures:

She'll be playing the roll of Miss Scarlett from Clue/Cluedo, and as part of that project I'll also be doing Dr. Black / Mr. Body (the victim in Clue), as well as Mr. Brown.

Both of these projects are for my annual contribution to the participation games put on by Frothers at Salute. This year we're doing a Cthulhu influenced Clue game where the normal cast of characters will be joined in the mansion by cultists, Mi-Go, Deep Ones, and the like. The moderns will be for a table top skirmish game based on the popular video game Battlefield: Bad Company.

I love it when the pre-Salute season comes around every year as it usually means I get to paint something new and different for the games.

I've also been working on some headswaps that will turn Artizan Landsknechts into the Pope's swiss guard... but I'll save pictures of those for farther in the future. Stay tuned!