December 6, 2011

General principles

This'll likely be the last empire project of 2011. I mean, sure, there is still this guy to take care of, but he's just sitting patiently on my desk, waiting for me to figure out what color to paint the trim on his robe.

The current front burner project follows smartly on the heels of the army standard bearer, the army general. Everyone needs one. He's been serving in the front ranks of my units for several years as a raw metal figure among more garishly festooned subordinates. But that time is drawing to a close. This month's contest theme over at the Empire forum is generals, so I'm determined to keep up, and get mine finished too. It'll be a nice coda to the year of painting and the renewed focus on my empire collection that I've had these last months.

Also, I'm open to suggestions for that wizard's robe trimming.

December 3, 2011

keep on keepin' on

Aside from a few spots I realize that I need to go back to now that I look at these pictures, this handsome little piece is done, yay!

Once again, hard to say enough good about Hudson & Allen. This is my 4th piece of theirs, and while they aren't cheap, they deliver on nice designs, solid materials, and paintability.