August 18, 2015

Long time gone. . .

Holy Cats!  I haven't updated this thing in ForEver.

So, here's a shotgun blast of most/all of the stuff I've completed since the last update.

In somewhat reverse order (as far as I can remember)

Bridget, Empire healer / priestess of Shallya  (and an Imbolc gift for my darling) Converted from Foundry Boudicca.

Finally finished the last dozen or so figures for my Tribe of the Black Hand (Empire Free Company/Militia)

And the new ones plus the old ones for the full Black Hand unit (which is Bad-fucking-ass, if I do say so myself. And I do.)

My Empire Rangers, which were shown here as a WIP, finally were finished last summer sometime:

And although it was not a massive output, I think my wild tribesmen and my rangers are both seriously awesome units.  My Empire fared well in quality, if not quantity last year.

Then I got around to some a silly terrain objective. Everyone needs sacks of potatoes.

After that, I began a spell of Weirdos and One-Offs. Unique single figures painted for their own sake, rather than for how well they fit into a given project I might be working on:

Colonel Zanzibar / Cobra Commander:

A replacement thief for my halfling warband, the Tall Tales:

Some nicely sculpted drystack walls:

Definitely not Gordon of Khartoum:

Faruk the Ismalian: 

A clutch of agarics:

Some hapless denizens of Apocalypse Isle:

And a beach babe, from an all together different island:

A tiny daemon, hovering in your dreams:

A modern commando: 

A mercenary ogre, with attached D6 wound counter: 

A stone giant:


A nice little well:

And most recently, some objective markers for Frostgrave (which may be an indication of where my next group of projects are headed): 

And that is that for now.  Nothing like ~18 months of updates all at once. It looks pretty impressive until you look at the output over time. Oh well, life is what it is, and sometime I paint, and sometimes I merely wish I was painting.   

I hope you enjoyed this greatest (only) hits album.