January 10, 2016

Invocatio Bestiae Dei

I haven't picked up a brush since somewhere around Halloween. The reasons why are varied, but the result is that I found myself in that terrible place where I felt bad because I wasn't painting, and I didn't feel like painting because I felt bad (among other things).

Luckily, my good comrades at RandomPlatypus.com once again helped rescue me from myself and gave me an excuse to kickstart things.  Its a new year, and thus we have a new schedule of Paint-A-Longs scheduled for 2016.  As we did in 2015, we started this year with an easy theme to get people warmed up- Classic / Old Citadel.

Not only was I able to find something that fit (a bonus considering most of my older collection is all in a storage unit right now!), but it was comprised almost exclusively of armor and bone, which meant I had more of a chance than I might otherwise of finding time to get it done before the deadline at the end of January.

I've had this fig for 15 or 20 years, and lusted after it long before that.  There was that wonderful but brief time where GW would cast up otherwise out of print figures for you if you just happened to have the original catalog code for them. This is one of the batch that I greedily ordered up during that time, and I'm quite glad I did.   He'll have a great home in the front of a satyr unit, among all the other half-men, half-beast, hermaphroditic, chaotic creatures that make up my beastman-slannesh force.

If you want to join us for the Classic Citadel Paint-A-Long, or any of the other company specific paint-a-longs this year, hop on over to Random Platypus and check out this years schedule:

  • January: Classic Citadel
  • February: Brindie Collective ( Warploque, JoeK, Infamy, & White Dragon )
  • March: Otherworld
  • May: Guild of Harmony / Twisted
  • July: Wyrd
  • September: Privateer Press
  • November: Heresy

There are also regularly rotating thematic paint-a-longs happening every couple of months, if you're looking for some random camaraderie and motivation to finish projects.

September 22, 2015

The Giant's Causeway

Out of the mountains and rough highlands comes this burly fire giant. He was a lot of fun, I love the way his armor and musculature was sculpted.

August 18, 2015

Long time gone. . .

Holy Cats!  I haven't updated this thing in ForEver.

So, here's a shotgun blast of most/all of the stuff I've completed since the last update.

In somewhat reverse order (as far as I can remember)

Bridget, Empire healer / priestess of Shallya  (and an Imbolc gift for my darling) Converted from Foundry Boudicca.

Finally finished the last dozen or so figures for my Tribe of the Black Hand (Empire Free Company/Militia)

And the new ones plus the old ones for the full Black Hand unit (which is Bad-fucking-ass, if I do say so myself. And I do.)

My Empire Rangers, which were shown here as a WIP, finally were finished last summer sometime:

And although it was not a massive output, I think my wild tribesmen and my rangers are both seriously awesome units.  My Empire fared well in quality, if not quantity last year.

Then I got around to some a silly terrain objective. Everyone needs sacks of potatoes.

After that, I began a spell of Weirdos and One-Offs. Unique single figures painted for their own sake, rather than for how well they fit into a given project I might be working on:

Colonel Zanzibar / Cobra Commander:

A replacement thief for my halfling warband, the Tall Tales:

Some nicely sculpted drystack walls:

Definitely not Gordon of Khartoum:

Faruk the Ismalian: 

A clutch of agarics:

Some hapless denizens of Apocalypse Isle:

And a beach babe, from an all together different island:

A tiny daemon, hovering in your dreams:

A modern commando: 

A mercenary ogre, with attached D6 wound counter: 

A stone giant:


A nice little well:

And most recently, some objective markers for Frostgrave (which may be an indication of where my next group of projects are headed): 

And that is that for now.  Nothing like ~18 months of updates all at once. It looks pretty impressive until you look at the output over time. Oh well, life is what it is, and sometime I paint, and sometimes I merely wish I was painting.   

I hope you enjoyed this greatest (only) hits album. 

February 11, 2015

Boudicca's bollocks

I recently realized a fair number of painting updates never made it to the blog, so here goes a bunch of catch up.

The Boudi Call Painting Challenge at Random Platypus wrapped up with a handful or two of cool creative entries.   I didn't get mine in by the deadline, but I did manage to finish her up:

November 13, 2014

This spuds for you

I ordered some terrain a few months ago from the newly discovered Mini Monsters and true to my nature as somewhat susceptible to impulse buys, I added a few small packs to my order that I might not have really needed. I'm always keen to try out a new manufacturer that looks promising, and little bits and bobs can be a cheap way to get an idea of the quality of the work without much risk if they turn out to be sub-par.

Since we're doing a community terrain project over at Random Platypus, this autumn, and it seemed entirely unlikely I'd be able to get my next larger scale terrain project done before the deadline, it seemed like a perfect time to pull out some of the MiniMonsters bits and see if I coudn't slap something together before early December.

The result is this little objective marker. Sacks of foodstuffs, which I have decided are potatoes.

It's the first group painting project at RP that I've actually completed by the deadline, but thats probably the only criteria by which this silly little scenic piece is noteworthy. Well that, and when was the last time you tried to figure out how to paint a potato? 

I'll do a full review of the MiniMonsters stuff when I get the rest of my order assembled.