November 18, 2016

A return to escapism

Silence has been the status quo around the world of MadPonies for quite some time, but its finally time for that to change.

A flooded basement and subsequent remodeling work, as well as a host of other events over the last months left me little time or energy to spend on my painting and gaming hobbies. Things are coming around though, and a few weeks back I made a concerted effort to put some energy into finishing the retrofit of the game room. Unpacking some of the figures and terrain that were in storage for nearly a year now in turn reminded me of how many neat things I've painted and collected, and how much I miss that part of my life.

And then, lo and behold. . . Last night I refilled my water jar, shook some old paints back to life, and actually put brush to metal after quite a long hiatus.

My efforts were expended on a mad priest I had been about to start when all the painting stopped, and has been sitting there accreting quite a bit of dust since last winter.  Well, now he's a little bit closer to hopping into my collection.

I was mostly in the middle of working on a Frostgrave warband when I hung up the paints, and he will be doing duty in there, if I ever do play the game.  I'm not sure if my interest is still in that warband beyond the immediate, but I should probably at least finish the figures I was in the middle of when I quit, before I consider any other more divergent projects.

Updates may not be incredibly frequent (especially with the holidays looming) but hopefully I'll have a bit more of production stream now, if only a trickle.

Oh, and speaking of my collection . . . last night also saw the first of the tennants returning from exile and settling into their new home:

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