November 23, 2016

Stay on target . . .

Since re-kindling my painting mojo, I'm really trying to stay focused on the partially complete figures that have been sitting on my desk for the better part of a year.  Its getting tough though. I'm often motivated by new ideas in general, and on top of that its unlikely I'll be playing any Frostgrave anytime soon so my enthusiasm for putting much more effort into my warband is waning. Those two facts combined mean I am havnig to restrain myself from just starting a bunch of other stuff.  I'm almost managing to be good about it, but I have based and primed a few things in anticipation of the next wave, and to get me just excited enough to encourage me to finish what I've started so I can move on.

In that spirit, I have completed roughly 50% of the FG WIPs I had in progress already.

First up is the Enchanter and his apprentice. Both figures are unique and bring some levity in their style, so I thought they'd be a good pair to team up as the magic users for the warband.

Next are some more fighters; A shooter/marksman, my 2nd thief, and a knight:

I'm pretty happy with them, and think they fit well into the theme and aesthetic I've been trying to maintain in this project.

I think there are 3 or 4 more WIPs already in the queue, though most of them are less far along than these were when I picked them up again, so the remainder will probably take a little longer to complete.

Stay tuned.

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