May 24, 2011

In search of Empire

Some previews from the work bench.

First one of 4 landsknechts I'm doing. A light artillery piece and 3 crew for me, and 1 lone looter for Stephan @ ProGloria Miniatures.

I had planned to just to these 4 landsknechts as my next project, but then I realized that I had a few days left on the monthly empire painting contest and decided to dig around in my spares boxes and see if I could come up with something that fit this month's theme of 'knights'. I found the old Borgio figure from the Dogs of War range, and with some judicious use of a dremel and some putty I was able to remove his more objectionable bits, and sculpt on some other bits. The result is a pretty OK conversion. Nothing extrodinary, but he makes a pretty good beefy hero type. I'll enter him as a knight captain / grand master or whatever, but the plan took shape with the idea of fielding him as a general in my army. I think he'll fit the bill.

May 15, 2011

Meanwhile, back in fantasy land . . .

Progress has been made. First off is a Red Box adventurer that I started months ago, and abandoned shortly there after. I just got bored with all the details on RBG figs, and on doing adventurers in general. As I was sitting down to paint the last few days I decided I better suck it up and finish it, or I never would. I'm actually still pretty happy with how it came out, though I spent less time on the last few stages than I might otherwise have.

And then, I finally finished 2 out of my 3 remaining wizards.

First up a slightly converted 4th Edition Celestial Wizard that I really like:

And then this great female elf magic user from Spyglass:

I'm just getting used to spring again. The arrival of warmer weather always throws me for a loop after winter, but hopefully I'll be able to strike a good balance between sunshine and outdoor activities, and still getting some painting done. Last summer I hit the balance just about perfect, so hopefully I'll be able to manage it again, and it won't be another 2 months before I have an update.

May 11, 2011

Miss Scarlett, in the study, with the pistol

I left this lady off the blog earlier since she was entered in the ongoing Steve Dean Forum competition, but she was just knocked out of the running by Mr. Dean's entry, so I should finally post her here.

In other news, I've been away from the painting desk pretty consistently for the last few weeks. I've finally just finished one of my next wizards though, and hopefully will get pictures up later tonight. I'll see what I can do about building my momentum back up shortly.