November 29, 2009

A town without pity

1/5 of our new ruined buildings to add to the town for Mordheim games is finished.

#1: Ruined Villa:

I wasn't able to get the ivy to work how I'd wanted, so it isn't as covered in creepers as I'd originally envisioned, but I'm still quite happy with it.

A few more views available here

November 23, 2009

Campaign Log: Empire vs Wood Elves.

This weekend we fought the 4th battle in the first round of our multi-race campaign. This game saw 1500 points of Empire facing 1200 points of Wood Elves. This is the allies building stage, so the points the Empire scores allows them to take an equal number in points of Wood Elf allies in the subsequent grudge match with the Orcs and their associated axis of evil.

Waywatchers proved to be the heroes/jerks of the day depending on your viewpoint. They killed 2 out of 8 knights on turn 1 with point blank bowfire thanks to their deployment rules. The knights failed, fled, failed to rally, and walked right off the board on the bottom of turn 1. That pretty much evened up the points disparity, and garunteed that unit got the full loving attention of a Volley Gun later in the game.

The Empire did their best to hold off the elves with a largely static defensive hold until turn 4 and 5 allowed some apropriate charges. Not really a suprise when facing the only army in our collections that is even faster than Skaven.

The only other matchup of note was an empire captain on Pegasus- aparently it was his first day with the lance- of the 6 times he rolled to hit with it, he only managed to connect once. His swords earned him one unit of Glade Riders, but after fumbling the lance attack against the other unit, the remaining two horsemen chased him off and then cut him down. We may have played that action wrong, but I can't remember. It has been years since I played a flying unit in WHFB, and I totally forgot until afterward that there are some special rules about them leaving hand to hand.

I'm having some problems getting the pictures off the camera... perhaps my SD card is dieing, but if I manage to, pictures will follow.

Final: Elves: ~710 Empire: 506

November 16, 2009

Sir Fella of DudeGuy

I'm calling this a Hospitalier Master of Horse, and you can't say otherwise.

Actually its marketed as Sir Guy of Gisborne, from the Robin Hood legends. Sculpted in 40mm by the Perry twins for Foundry. It was a limited release with a matching Robin Hood figure that I've never seen.

This was a test piece for a new set of flesh paints and a bunch of reds, as well as an excuse to practice some new NMM recipes. I'm pretty happy with the brass/gold metallics on this, and reasonably happy with the helmet. I think I have the coloring on the helm correct, but there are some placements that I'm not too sure of. I never am. . I just don't see it well often times.

Overall though I really like the way he came out.

Higher res, non-blogspot image

I need to go back and shoot this again however. The poorly sculpted sword handle wrap has been inked more, as has the pinky ring and some of the buckles. Also I've darkened the helmet a tiny bit with some dark grey washes.. I may do another before I re-shoot. Mostly though I need to see about capturing the shading in his face better. . . I'm not sure why it came out so flat. I'll muck about with the lighting, and enlist the expertise of my photographer wife to help me out.

November 11, 2009

Things that go bump in the night

I finished my skeletons, and only a touch late for Halloween. These are probably the nicest skeletons I've ever done- amazing sculpting on them. The only drawback is they are multipart (the arms are seperate), and being so small and metal makes them a bit fiddly to put together. Not much surface area for glue, and even less for trying to do a decent pin job. Even so, these are wonderful miniatures.

Blogger downsamples the figures so much they really don't look as nice, so here are direct links to some good pictures:

1 2 3 4


November 8, 2009

brand new and run down

Ben and I ordered these months ago to flesh out our Mordheim set up, and I'm finally getting to the initial assembly. I think they'll do quite well for us, though I'm still speculating on how to add some quality 2nd story traversable terrain to our horde. These will be good for gettin up on top of and shooting from/behind, but not much else (...unless I build some crazy rickety bridges ??). Anyway, they'll be good for what they are indeed.

The pieces are slipcast ceramics from

November 3, 2009


Amid the many projects afoot at Madponies right now I made a little progress on this fella tonight:

I'm not sure the thin-ness of these red layers will pay off, but I'm trying to stay patient.

November 1, 2009

I remember halloween!

Had a very relaxed first of November today, and made some progress on these lovely Otherworld skeletons: