November 23, 2009

Campaign Log: Empire vs Wood Elves.

This weekend we fought the 4th battle in the first round of our multi-race campaign. This game saw 1500 points of Empire facing 1200 points of Wood Elves. This is the allies building stage, so the points the Empire scores allows them to take an equal number in points of Wood Elf allies in the subsequent grudge match with the Orcs and their associated axis of evil.

Waywatchers proved to be the heroes/jerks of the day depending on your viewpoint. They killed 2 out of 8 knights on turn 1 with point blank bowfire thanks to their deployment rules. The knights failed, fled, failed to rally, and walked right off the board on the bottom of turn 1. That pretty much evened up the points disparity, and garunteed that unit got the full loving attention of a Volley Gun later in the game.

The Empire did their best to hold off the elves with a largely static defensive hold until turn 4 and 5 allowed some apropriate charges. Not really a suprise when facing the only army in our collections that is even faster than Skaven.

The only other matchup of note was an empire captain on Pegasus- aparently it was his first day with the lance- of the 6 times he rolled to hit with it, he only managed to connect once. His swords earned him one unit of Glade Riders, but after fumbling the lance attack against the other unit, the remaining two horsemen chased him off and then cut him down. We may have played that action wrong, but I can't remember. It has been years since I played a flying unit in WHFB, and I totally forgot until afterward that there are some special rules about them leaving hand to hand.

I'm having some problems getting the pictures off the camera... perhaps my SD card is dieing, but if I manage to, pictures will follow.

Final: Elves: ~710 Empire: 506


brandtbl said...

I had thought that ditching wardancers would remove most of the most annoying and beardy aspects from the Wood Elf army list, but after that battle I think Waywatchers are actually almost worse.

CJP said...

Perhaps... But I won't consider them that until I've played against them a few more times. I didn't anticipate them, nor adjust my deployment to account for them, which is something I'll need to learn to do when facing that army more regularly.