November 16, 2009

Sir Fella of DudeGuy

I'm calling this a Hospitalier Master of Horse, and you can't say otherwise.

Actually its marketed as Sir Guy of Gisborne, from the Robin Hood legends. Sculpted in 40mm by the Perry twins for Foundry. It was a limited release with a matching Robin Hood figure that I've never seen.

This was a test piece for a new set of flesh paints and a bunch of reds, as well as an excuse to practice some new NMM recipes. I'm pretty happy with the brass/gold metallics on this, and reasonably happy with the helmet. I think I have the coloring on the helm correct, but there are some placements that I'm not too sure of. I never am. . I just don't see it well often times.

Overall though I really like the way he came out.

Higher res, non-blogspot image

I need to go back and shoot this again however. The poorly sculpted sword handle wrap has been inked more, as has the pinky ring and some of the buckles. Also I've darkened the helmet a tiny bit with some dark grey washes.. I may do another before I re-shoot. Mostly though I need to see about capturing the shading in his face better. . . I'm not sure why it came out so flat. I'll muck about with the lighting, and enlist the expertise of my photographer wife to help me out.

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