October 31, 2007

penultimate amazons

I've been jacked up on cold medicine for two days, so I haven't trusted myself to do the freehand on the last 4 shields. Otherwise they're done. Just waiting for the musician and standard bearer to arrive in the mail, then the whole unit will be ready.

and some closer shots of the two halves:


October 29, 2007

tired of hearing about amazons yet?

I woke up sick this morning. yuck.
Mustered the concentration to paint for a little while, but not enough to take pictures. Finished most of the last bits- sandals, feet, eyes, spears, and most of the touchups they needed. The eyes were hard enough, being as out of it as I am, so I left the shields for later.
No freehand on cold medicine.

Almost there.

My figures I'm painting for the FUUK Salute game arrived from Westwind today. .. I'm a little underwhelmed. They aren't terrible, but a little clunkier than I'd hoped in some of the details. Ah well. They'll still make a nice little near-future gang.

October 28, 2007


metals, crests, & hair done. got some trim in there too.
The end is near! Though, I just ordered a musician and standard bearer for them too, so the unit will still be a while before it's done as a whole.

Amazons, the second coming

The rest of the Amazons are underway

October 25, 2007

Athena WIP: the end is nigh

Finished the metals, re-did her crest, and finished the shield (motif based on Athenian coins ). She needs a few touchups yet, but almost there. . .

October 22, 2007

Naked Ladies

It is frustrating when I discover I need a color of paint that I don't have once a project is going, rather than before I start it. Now I have to wait for the colors to arrive via mail before I can continue on Artemis' shield. She's done otherwise, though I am going to re-do her crest. Oh well, I can continue to work on the next four ladies in this group while I await the mail. Oh sorry, you came here to see naked ladies, not listen to me whine about my paint stock.

Here is Artemis sans shield with the group so far

October 21, 2007

Artemis WIP 2

I worked out the midtones, and took the edge off the shadows a bit, and now I am quite happy with her flesh tones.


October 20, 2007

Athena (née artemis)

A quick sneak peak at Hasslefree's Artemis, who is going in with my Cult of Athena / amazons.

I was going for a bit more contrasty flesh then usual. . .I think I'm getting there. This was after some inks last night... now to bring in the mid tones a little, and I think I'll have a really nice finish.

October 18, 2007

Eulen nach Athen tragen (amazon WIP)

I'm doing these 'amazons' as a warrior cult of Athena.

Her sacred animal is the Owl, which I decided months ago I was going to render on my amazon's shield in a motif ripped off / paying homage to, my friend's ( ovo ) street art work.

Tonight I finally got to a point where I can share that part, yay! one

Oh, and my order from Copplestone came in, so now I'm equipped to start on my contribution to the Frothers Gang Fight game planned for next year's Salute. I might do them next, I'm not sure. They don't have to be done for several months.

Need Advice on Amazons

I'm working on a batch of Amazons from Fortress Figures and having a bit of painters block. About half the unit is naked, and half the unit is wearing the drapey toga things. Its the togas I'm having trouble picking a colour for. I originally thought I'd do them all random colors, and I did one in a dusty brick red that looks nice. Now that I've finished most of the naked ones, I need to get on with the clothed ones and I've re-evaluated doing them all different and come to a mental impasse. Options I'm considering:

1) Doing the whole unit in the same color clothes. If I do this, It'll likely not be the brick red, so I'll have to repaint the one. No big deal. Classic white is definately not going to happen. I'm not too fond of all red either . . . too spartan. My most likely choice at this point is black.

2) Doing them all mixed colors. Either suggesting more of a citizen force, where they wear what they have, or an elite guard, where they get to wear what they want.

3) Mixed within a theme. I like the dusty red I did, and I like the black idea. Thinking maybe 50/50 between those colors, so it still looks cohesive. Red trim and details on the black cloth, and black trim and details on the red. These are going to go up for sale when I finish them, hence another reason I pose the question publicly, since it's not just for my own collection that I paint these. No real pedantic historicals player is likely to want these figures anyway for obvious reasons. I fugure anyone who buys them will either just be a collector, or someone looking to use them in historical-fantasy, or fantasy games- FW, Hott, or as GW standins or something. If you were considering such a unit, of the above options, how would you like them to be colored? Right now I'm leaning toward option #3, but I've been waffling too long, and so I thought I'd see if your cultured opinions might help get me off my ass and get them done.

October 17, 2007

Spoiled Rotten by Hasslefree

As I sit here and wait for orders from two companies in the UK, I realize that HF have spoiled me. I just got a package from them, in just over a week.That is damn quick turnaround. I'm coming up on just over two weeks waiting for these other two orders, and normally, it wouldn't make me think twice for over seas shipping to take that long . . . but now that I've had the nigh-instant gratification of Deb's superior shipping skills, I find myseld with less patience for the more average return time of small shops.

It should be noted that my last order from the Foundry arrived in about 8days, which also left me pleasantly suprised.

Are the postal strike woes still plagueing the UK I wonder?

October 16, 2007

Progress of varying sorts

I didn't actually get any painting done tonight, but I did finish my verdigris tutorial!

Juno is proofreading it, and after whatever edits need to be made after I get it back from her, it'll be done and ready to go. Wheee.

I also finished the banner for this here bloggy. See? Up there. Yeah. Nifty.

I also html-ified an old article I wrote for CMON on hedges, so I can incorporate it into the main madponies site when I get around re-coding the navigation stuff to add in some more categories.

It's here if you haven't seen it on cmon.

Copper Acetate - It's the water.

I'm about 80% done with a tutorial I'm writing for 'Wargames Painting And Modelling' on verdigris. I finished the painting months ago, and am now finally getting to the writing and basic layout. It's more fun that I thought it'd be, but difficult too. It's hard to articulate how I approach things sometimes. I paint pretty organically I guess.Even though it is turning out to be several paragraphs, the basic tutorial could be shortened to:

1)here are the color paints I used.

2)use them until it looks the way you want.

Maybe I damn myself with a bit of faint praise, but still . . .its hard to describe sometimes. Here is a sneakpeak at one of the demo pieces I did to accompany the article:

October 15, 2007

The Good the Bad and the Primer

GW changed their black primer a while back. It now totally sucks.

In my quest for a good, cheap, thin, black primer, I finally found one I like: DupliColor Sandable Black Primer.

If you are in the US, it's available for like $5 a can at Napa, Shucks, and other auto parts stores. I highly recomend it.

What I hate is when it gets cold out (like tonight) and black primer dries slightly grey.