October 18, 2007

Need Advice on Amazons

I'm working on a batch of Amazons from Fortress Figures and having a bit of painters block. About half the unit is naked, and half the unit is wearing the drapey toga things. Its the togas I'm having trouble picking a colour for. I originally thought I'd do them all random colors, and I did one in a dusty brick red that looks nice. Now that I've finished most of the naked ones, I need to get on with the clothed ones and I've re-evaluated doing them all different and come to a mental impasse. Options I'm considering:

1) Doing the whole unit in the same color clothes. If I do this, It'll likely not be the brick red, so I'll have to repaint the one. No big deal. Classic white is definately not going to happen. I'm not too fond of all red either . . . too spartan. My most likely choice at this point is black.

2) Doing them all mixed colors. Either suggesting more of a citizen force, where they wear what they have, or an elite guard, where they get to wear what they want.

3) Mixed within a theme. I like the dusty red I did, and I like the black idea. Thinking maybe 50/50 between those colors, so it still looks cohesive. Red trim and details on the black cloth, and black trim and details on the red. These are going to go up for sale when I finish them, hence another reason I pose the question publicly, since it's not just for my own collection that I paint these. No real pedantic historicals player is likely to want these figures anyway for obvious reasons. I fugure anyone who buys them will either just be a collector, or someone looking to use them in historical-fantasy, or fantasy games- FW, Hott, or as GW standins or something. If you were considering such a unit, of the above options, how would you like them to be colored? Right now I'm leaning toward option #3, but I've been waffling too long, and so I thought I'd see if your cultured opinions might help get me off my ass and get them done.

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