January 29, 2010

Step on a crack . . .

It took messing around on a few sections of this before I got the hang of it, but I think I've managed a decent transition covering the gaps between these cast-resin blocks of stone.

I daresay the toughest part of this ruined Cthonic temple project is now out of the way. I used ProCreate to fill the gaps. First time with that putty, and I have to say I really liked the feeling it had.

January 25, 2010

The place you call home

Well, the Thomarillion project is finally at an end. Ruin #4 and #5 were finished up this weekend, and I'm quite happy with them. I still need to build some ladders and bridges to offer means of connection between buildings. I'm hoping the floor heights on these latest ruins are more or less compatible with those on the cardstock GW pieces we have.

I have 2 more substantial terrain pieces to make for the town at least, but both of them are much more for aesthetic charm then tactical variety. They'll be decent objectives, and flavor the town, but won't add too much to the town that alters the playability. Even so, I'm excited to get them done. The ruined temple is already underway as of yesterday afternoon.

Last night I also started what is turning out to be a pretty neat vampire. More on that later.

More pictures of the ruins here.

January 19, 2010

sit Ubu sit

Also, some better pictures of the very quickly painted Frotherheim hellhounds:

Old Three-horns

Thanks to Ben for the donation of this classic minotaur lord figure! This fella will be accompanying the hellhounds to terrorize Frotherheim in April.

I really enjoyed this old school sculpt. It really is pretty great even given its age, and really highlights how terrible the new minotaurs are, that are being released for the forthcoming Beastman army update. Its unfortunate that the GW business model mandates a new model every couple of years. It puts them into the position where they have to update, even if the current model is adequate or even great. Thats a lot of pressure to put on sculptors. If it has to be new and different, then that pushes them to not use design motifs that have been used before. I can only guess that is the reason that someone signed off on these Sharpei-Cow-People designs as a passable replacement for 'minotaurs'.

January 14, 2010

Dog Days

I knocked these out the other night after finishing up the fountain and ruins projects:

I think they are old Ral Partha sculpts, I'm not entirely sure. I've had them in the 'never get used' box for a handful of years.

I've made a tradition the last couple years of contributing to the participation game hosted by Frothers Unite! every year at the Salute convention in London. Obviously getting to the show its self would be quite an undertaking for me, but they are always in need of miniautures to use in the group games, and I enjoy being able to contribute from a far to the fun of a group of gaming miscreants who make life on the internet talking about figures so enjoyable.

This year the game is Frotherheim, a Mordheim-esque warband bash/adventure against other bands and NPCs. The idea is that the members them selves can play, as well as have warbands available for other attendees to command as they drop by the table. The rule set is being used is Songs of Blades and Heroes, which seems like a good choice for good playable fun without getting to involved, nor too simplistic. I was going to paint a band for guests to play, but I lost interest in what I had in mind, so instead I decided to help bulk out the denizens of Frotherheim, and ensure there was some interesting nasties to take chunks out of the players. These hounds are the first in a small pile of critters that I'll be sending over.

More to come, in between other projects.

January 12, 2010

When you're a jet you're a jet.

Ruined building section #3 is done!

Unfortunately I managed to get the blue not the same as the other ruin I painted blue. That's sort of unfortunate, but in the light of the game room it won't matter too much.

More images here

January 1, 2010

Wanna go ride bikes?

I haven't had large amounts of time dedicated to working on my gaming projects since around Thanksgiving. Work has been done here and there, but not really at full speed. Now that we are done travelling and hosting feasts at our place, I hope to get some nice solid slices of time to get back at it.

Despite my lack of major accomplishments, things are still underway. Bit of this and that... its gotten a little A.D.D. over here at MadPonies... but sometimes I like it that way.

I got the last 7 of my Mordheim gangers cleaned and based today, with only a few more conversions to finish up on the gang as a whole:

The next ruined terrain piece is underway:

And lastly I've started on the masonry for the foul fountain I'm making for our Mordheim cityscape as well: