January 19, 2010

Old Three-horns

Thanks to Ben for the donation of this classic minotaur lord figure! This fella will be accompanying the hellhounds to terrorize Frotherheim in April.

I really enjoyed this old school sculpt. It really is pretty great even given its age, and really highlights how terrible the new minotaurs are, that are being released for the forthcoming Beastman army update. Its unfortunate that the GW business model mandates a new model every couple of years. It puts them into the position where they have to update, even if the current model is adequate or even great. Thats a lot of pressure to put on sculptors. If it has to be new and different, then that pushes them to not use design motifs that have been used before. I can only guess that is the reason that someone signed off on these Sharpei-Cow-People designs as a passable replacement for 'minotaurs'.

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Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Yeah,I remember this model and it's still one of the best.Nice work on it btw.