January 25, 2010

The place you call home

Well, the Thomarillion project is finally at an end. Ruin #4 and #5 were finished up this weekend, and I'm quite happy with them. I still need to build some ladders and bridges to offer means of connection between buildings. I'm hoping the floor heights on these latest ruins are more or less compatible with those on the cardstock GW pieces we have.

I have 2 more substantial terrain pieces to make for the town at least, but both of them are much more for aesthetic charm then tactical variety. They'll be decent objectives, and flavor the town, but won't add too much to the town that alters the playability. Even so, I'm excited to get them done. The ruined temple is already underway as of yesterday afternoon.

Last night I also started what is turning out to be a pretty neat vampire. More on that later.

More pictures of the ruins here.

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