January 1, 2010

Wanna go ride bikes?

I haven't had large amounts of time dedicated to working on my gaming projects since around Thanksgiving. Work has been done here and there, but not really at full speed. Now that we are done travelling and hosting feasts at our place, I hope to get some nice solid slices of time to get back at it.

Despite my lack of major accomplishments, things are still underway. Bit of this and that... its gotten a little A.D.D. over here at MadPonies... but sometimes I like it that way.

I got the last 7 of my Mordheim gangers cleaned and based today, with only a few more conversions to finish up on the gang as a whole:

The next ruined terrain piece is underway:

And lastly I've started on the masonry for the foul fountain I'm making for our Mordheim cityscape as well:

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