May 24, 2011

In search of Empire

Some previews from the work bench.

First one of 4 landsknechts I'm doing. A light artillery piece and 3 crew for me, and 1 lone looter for Stephan @ ProGloria Miniatures.

I had planned to just to these 4 landsknechts as my next project, but then I realized that I had a few days left on the monthly empire painting contest and decided to dig around in my spares boxes and see if I could come up with something that fit this month's theme of 'knights'. I found the old Borgio figure from the Dogs of War range, and with some judicious use of a dremel and some putty I was able to remove his more objectionable bits, and sculpt on some other bits. The result is a pretty OK conversion. Nothing extrodinary, but he makes a pretty good beefy hero type. I'll enter him as a knight captain / grand master or whatever, but the plan took shape with the idea of fielding him as a general in my army. I think he'll fit the bill.

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