April 9, 2010

I renounce God! I shall rise from my own death to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness!

This is a limited release Dracula (based on the F.F.Coppola movie version) from Artizan Designs, given to me by the mad Scotsman, Mr. Mooney.

Better Pics

I finished this earlier this winter but held off posting it to be true to the spirit of the Steve Dean Forum painting competition, but now that I've gotten a complete pasting from everything I've come up against in the contest, no one can accuse me of influencing the voting, thats for sure. I'm not really suprised its not doing super well, as its a bit of a departure from normal styles, and the SD crowd is nothing if not traditionalists by and large. I'm not bothered though, as I got out of it exactly what I wanted, and I'll enjoy him being a unique vampire count in the van of my undead units.

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