December 29, 2007

break from the break

Okay, yuletide happenings are finally done, time to get back to work. The empire reiksguard go back into a holding pattern (hopefully not as long of one as previously) as a load of figures for a big comission finally arrived, as well as one single figure that I'll be doing for another customer at the same time. Should be an interesting stretch coming up . The main project is a set of figures for a Space:1889 victorian sci-fi RPG. Colonial era British soldiers, Victorian PCs, Prussians, and then a bunch of reptilian aliens and dinosaurs for them all to fight. All new stuff for me, so that'll be fun. The reptillian humanoids are old RAFM sculpts, and not very interesting, but the rest shoul be pretty enjoyable.

They are finally all cleaned and based so I'm headed outside to prime the whole lot of ~50 figs. And away I go.

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