September 18, 2009

Too Many Paints

I have too many paints. I love them and I am glad to have them all, but I keep finding /more/ I want to use, and I am now reaching the limit of my storage space for them.

I basically just line them all up on my table. Well, they now take up close to 1/2 my table. Most of the paint organizers I see marketted to hobby folks don't really do anything but /organize/- they don't save any space. Unless I go to a full wall mounted shelf one wall I'm not sure what else to do.

The only other thing I've thought might be usefull would be a chest of drawers on my table. Something like these from Ikea:

If I do go to drawers it'll have to be something equally light weight and easy to open/close, as I'll be getting paints out of it often. Perhaps I can save enough space to create a staging area next to where I paint, big enough for 10-15 bottles that I'm using at a sitting, and then file them away into drawers at the end of the table.

I'll have to do some looking around.


Artmaster Painter Toby said...

A man can never have enough paints! I have 3 of those drawer things you have there full of paints with paints on top too and my desk is still cluttered with stray paints! Paints in trays on the side! They are everywhere. Alas... I still want to expand my range even further.

I guess we just need more room! not less paints ><

brandtbl said...

I suggest dumping them all into a large bucket and sticking with grey on grey for the rest of your life.