May 15, 2010

Of Mantic Ghouls, and other progresses.

Incase anyone else signed up for the free sprue offer from Mantic, it appears they have made good on the offer, and the sprues are finally reaching North America. I know of two or thrwee other subscribers, and we all seem to have received the sprue this past Friday.

I have to say, the sprue looks great. If I was in the market for multipart plastic undead, I'd give them a serious consideration based on these ghoul sprues. The elves were pretty suspect, and the new dwarves are not exciting me at all, which is too bad. I guess in the long run they're /fine/, but not exciting. Brent has collected a small dwarf force, and I was pretty excited at the prospect of a new opponent for our multi-force WHFB games being readily available, but so far it doesn't sound like he's any more excited about them than any other offerings out there, so perhaps we'll have to be more patient if we're going to battle the stunties. Ah well.

Progress continues on the chinese bandit gang- slowly, yes, but surely as well. I'm down to one more to complete in the green scheme, and then its on to figuring out the characters and 3 remaining hand gunners. Its taking longer than I'd hoped, but it is springtime, and thus beautiful here- which means it takes all the more fortitude to make time to stay inside and paint here.

I have also begun assembly of the new GW Ruins of Osgiliath set, which I must say if proving pretty solid and decently versatile.

Pictures on all of this are forthcoming.

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