August 30, 2010

for every rule . . .

There is an exception.

I'm going to finish my Mordheim gang. I promise.

After a frustrating session Sunday with one of the 3 remaining figs in the gang, I really needed a break. Its not that I'm tired of the bandits, I'm actually really enjoying them, its just the painting style I'm doing (and the delicacy of the figure I'm working on in particular) takes a certain level of concentration that was exhausting me.

I had the urge to sit down and paint, but just not that way. So. . . I took a quick diversion into something that I've been thinking about and planning in my head, and knew that I could get some good fast progress done. It felt great!

These rodoleros are from The Assault Group's rennaissance range, and I'm painting them as a Portuguese military order for my Empire army . . . because thats what I do.

I'm not going to do the whole unit or anything, that's farther down the list. Pete from TAG was looking for some paint jobs to expand their online galleries which I was happy to assist with. I picked these as my free demo pack, and so I do want to get the images back to him in a somewhat timely manner- sooner than the unit they'll be a part of comes up on my 'to paint' list at least. Anyway, that's how I'm justifying my Painting ADD attack that happened tonight at least.

It did feel good to get the lions share of 4 figures done in two easy sittings interrupted only by eating dinner and watcing MadMen with my darlin'. Take THAT, wuxia bandits!

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