September 28, 2010

A panda's progress

This has been on my desk in various stages of completion for months. It has been the big finish for my wuxia gang that I wasn't even sure I could pull off. The last ~2 weeks or so I finally started the sculpting in earnest and figured out that while I am miles away from being competent with the medium, I can manage a little bit on a subject with few details and fewer crisp edges.

I started with this 'dire bear' from Reaper:

And after rounding out the head, bulking up the body,and new ears and eyes, I finally got to something I'm pretty amused by and happy with.

I still have more clean up to do, and the base obviously, but after keeping this under wraps from all but my local friends, I have to share it now that its nearly done.

A couple more images.

The reiksguard are coming along nicely too:

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