October 11, 2011

All ahead full

Presented for you enjoyment, H.M.T Hiram Abiff ; Imperial steam tank-

I probably picked up this model somewhere around 1998, so I reckon its time I put some paint on it. I swapped the driver out for 'Bronzino', the mounted captain from the Dogs of War galloper gun set. In lieu of the massive repeating handgun the original tank commander wielded, I cut away the front of the cupola and added the miniature cannon for him to discharge in close combat. That nice little bit is a sled gun from The Assault Group's 28mm rennaisance range.

The wheels come from Ork warmachines in 40k, and I think they look more appropriate than the planked wagon wheels it comes with. You can see the original pair here. I wanted to enter the tank in a contest but I hadn't sourced the ork wheels yet, so I had to finish it up temporarily with the stock wheels. I think the new set are a definite improvement.

In other news, I have another little project underway. The only time I've ever taken Free Company Militia in a game I used some ancient tribesman figures from foundry as stand ins. I've since thought that since I don't really play historicals, but do enjoy painting the wild tribal types, that they may end up being tarted up and pressed into service as tribal militia. I like the idea of them coming down from the hills of my empire to occasionally stand shoulder to shoulder with the more 'civilized' folk that nominally rule their lands. A bunch of random circumstances lead to me starting a small group of them, clustered around a giant brawler recently released by Hasslefree, who'll also make a great adventure figure. At some point the unit will get filled out, but for now I'm just working on these few mostly naked fellows. I kind of think they're going to look awesome.

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Alan M said...

Hmm, I have a soft spot for the older steamtank (I have one myself). Nice conversion this one, simple and straightforward but very effective. I agree entirely about the wooden wheels, I may have to try something similar to replace mine.