November 25, 2012


I've had this guy for years, and he's been base coated on my painting shelf for about a year, so I'm glad to finally have gotten around to finishing him:

This is the last (planned) addition I have to my minotaur unit that I've been re-tooling with mostly vintage Citadel beasties. I think this version fits in quite well with the group, despite being a bit more lanky. What was left off in the paunch department I think Paul Mueller more than made up for in the ripped muscles department.

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Spooktalker said...

Said it on Frothers, but doesn't hurt to say again, great looking unit here. Made me decide to get in gear and share my own rendition of the Otherworld one: (And I've got some old Citadel ones to do some day too, as it happens!) Cheers!