December 11, 2012

The Undeadening, Part 1

So, here are the new skeletons that I previewed in the last post:

I know the grateful dead motif is probably not that unique, but this batch is designed to fit in with the existing stuff from 20 years ago, and that's what I did back then, so I'm sticking with it.

Here are some of the old figures that they'll be joining:

Its a pretty rough old lot from back then.... some centaurs with fucked up weapons (these were some of the first conversions I ever did), the GD shields are sculpey, the bike is a Matchbox I think, and I have no recollection what the liche leadery type is from. Partha or Grenadier maybe.

It feels great to finally have them all done, even if they are mishmash of styles, skill levels, and figure styles, spanning a couple decades:

Oh, and it appears I miscounted at some point while I was planning this, so yes, I'll be doing one more* so the unit fleshes out at a nice 20pcs, and ranks up much more symmetrically.

*(As soon as I can find a single skeleton horse that is reasonably priced)

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