February 8, 2013

The Witch Hunter, starring Donald Sutherland

He looks less like Donald Sutherland now that he's painted, but the head on this guy kept reminding me of him, all through the project.

This is a custom witch hunter I whipped up for a paint-an-empire-witchhunter contest. (he won :) ).

It is made from a Foundry Highwayman, a Bretonnian Man at Arms,  a Basiks knight head, and some sculpting putty to make it all fit together:

Nifty broken flagstone base is either Fenris of Dragonforge. . . I can't actually remember which.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

That looks like one of Dragonforge's Basic Ruins bases: http://www.dragonforge.com/Painting%20service/for%20sale/base_sets/fantasy/square_basic_ruins.htm

Also, very kewl looking model.