August 15, 2013

Carrion my wayward son!

This unit has been mostly done for months, just awaiting some final touches on the citadel figs, and some putty work on the leader. After too much time away due to health issues, work, and assorted other other things, I finally got them done.

The 6 regular carrion are all standard old Citadel figs. They only made two riders for them so I tried to mix it up a little with a couple swaps. The monkey is from a Reaper familiar pack, and the neat little skaven dude is a bit from one of the more recent sets. I /think/ he comes with the plastic rat ogre box perhaps, but not entirely sure.

The leader is a heresy vampire that I chopped up and puttied into a flying position. He came out fairly well, and I'm glad I put the effort in and ended up with something unique.

How the fig looks in its original standing form:

Now onto ethereal things!

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