October 1, 2013

she's making ghosts

I so nearly fell off the wagon yesterday.

My next (and last??) undead unit to finish off in this project is a spirit host.


  • I've been unsure how I'd paint ghosts
  • I've been unsure if my choice of figures would work together
  • I've had an empire gun crew primed and sitting on my desk for about 8weeks.
  • October's painting contest over at the Empire forum is Artillery, and I haven't entered anything over there in months.

It all was lining up for a perfect storm of doubt and distraction, and I even pulled out the bases I was preparing for these artillery projects and test fit them, and then I cleaned the integral bases off one of the gun crews. I was that close to setting the ghosts aside to knock out a quick artillery base. I had painting mojo, the day off, and just enough reasons to derail and do something else for a week or two.

But, in uncharacteristic form for me, I managed to stick with it, and decide to focus my mojo on solving the ethereal issues before me. One way or another I need to figure it out, and if figuring it out meant abandoning this unit, then I was already done with the army! So, yeah, might as well figure that out.

I did 3 figures last night in my first test to see if I could do a convincing rendition of what I had in my head for how ghosts might look.  I think its headed somewhere I'll be happy with.

 Hopefully I'll get the first element put together in the next day or two, and that'll convince me to persevere or abandon the project.  Further updates should be along soon.

. . . she's crazy about ballerinas.

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