November 17, 2013

Ere I am, J.H. ...The ghost in the machine.

Well, the ghosts are finally a wrap.  Proper shots will be forthcoming, but here's a preview.

There was originally going to be a 5th element with a leader / ghost king type, surrounded by some swirly bits I found on one of the new undead sprues. It didn't work out as well as I thought it would, an 4 elements of ghosts is plenty anyway.

I do have the painted figure though and thought it might be fun to keep for other uses, either just on the shelf, or in the role of an undead general, as a liche or wight king or something; a role I don't have a fig for in this collection already.  I also happened to acquire 2 copies of the figure in my efforts to get as many different army of the dead figures as I could for the ghosts above. Almost everyone paints spirit hosts green it seems (if they don't just do it white), and while I am super happy with the cold blue I chose, I was curious how my same recipe would work with greens instead. So now, I have two available for the general, and I'm not sure which to use. I have an army standard bearer in the same style figure, and so whatever the general gets, the standard should get too I think. I don't mind having them be green to differentiate them as a different color ethereal from the spirits elsewhere in the army. . . just not sure how the green stacks up on its own.  I'm open to opinions!

One of them gets to lead the army on occasion, one of them will go to ebay.

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