December 5, 2013

We Are One Thirty Eight

And here are the remaining units in proper lighting, for posterity.

The old stuff. Painted mostly c1993-c1996

Scythes: Multipart GW kit, and heroquest pieces

Spears: Multipart GW kit plus Alternate Armies

Handweapons: GW plastics, grenadier, ral partha, and whatever else I could find in the sale bins

Bows from the multipart box.


Chariot #2. The rider is from the Doom video game range.

Undertaker's wagon. Chariot is built of balsa wood. Undertaker's hat and coat are early greenstuff experiment.

Mummies. Citadel metals plus some weird conversions based on the Heroquest game pieces.

Catapults. Citadel and some other unknown brand

Grenadier dragon with rider added

Ral Partha bone giant

Spiders from the Warhammer Quest game

A few years ago I added some of Otherworld's awesome skeletons to the infantry units

And the last few recent additions that haven't already been posted here over the last year:

Liche king:


Battle standard bearer carrying the Crimson Ghost

Big spectral thing.

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