February 4, 2014

boom chaka lakka

I was going to do this months ago for an artillery themed contest, but never got to it.

Now seemed like a good time to get around to it, since I need something to work on while the snail putty dries. The next themed empire contest focuses on doing red uniforms, so I chose this high contrast color scheme for how neat it looks, as well as its suitability as an entry for that.
The crew figures are really fun sculpts full of character, and painted up very quickly.  The culverin is from EM4 / Mirliton, the figures are from a Foundry medieval artillery crew set.

I really don't need more artillery pieces, but they are fun to paint, and well, I collect Empire. . . it's not about needing more artillery pieces at all. It's about unleashing fury like the angry fist of a drunken god on anyone across the table from you.

(and yes, I have a few more artillery pieces yet in the closet of woe)

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