May 19, 2014

Boudi Call

As both an excuse to share painting progress, and as a motivational measure, I've agreed to paint the same figure that another person or three are also painting. We've given our selves a deadline of early July to allow for all sorts of distractions, but also to give time for other folks that might want to join the endeavor time to get the same figure, and put aside some time to work on it.

We're painting Boudi, from Hasslefree, a stylized female fighter inspired by Boudicca, and originally commissioned as a convention give away for the Diceni show in Norwich.

As of last night,  I have mine primed, and the flesh base coated.

If you'd like to follow along as people work on their own versions, or even join the project,  you can do so right here

Also rumor has it that there may be some Hasslefree goodies awarded to a lucky participant.

1 comment:

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