November 13, 2014

This spuds for you

I ordered some terrain a few months ago from the newly discovered Mini Monsters and true to my nature as somewhat susceptible to impulse buys, I added a few small packs to my order that I might not have really needed. I'm always keen to try out a new manufacturer that looks promising, and little bits and bobs can be a cheap way to get an idea of the quality of the work without much risk if they turn out to be sub-par.

Since we're doing a community terrain project over at Random Platypus, this autumn, and it seemed entirely unlikely I'd be able to get my next larger scale terrain project done before the deadline, it seemed like a perfect time to pull out some of the MiniMonsters bits and see if I coudn't slap something together before early December.

The result is this little objective marker. Sacks of foodstuffs, which I have decided are potatoes.

It's the first group painting project at RP that I've actually completed by the deadline, but thats probably the only criteria by which this silly little scenic piece is noteworthy. Well that, and when was the last time you tried to figure out how to paint a potato? 

I'll do a full review of the MiniMonsters stuff when I get the rest of my order assembled.

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