January 10, 2016

Invocatio Bestiae Dei

I haven't picked up a brush since somewhere around Halloween. The reasons why are varied, but the result is that I found myself in that terrible place where I felt bad because I wasn't painting, and I didn't feel like painting because I felt bad (among other things).

Luckily, my good comrades at RandomPlatypus.com once again helped rescue me from myself and gave me an excuse to kickstart things.  Its a new year, and thus we have a new schedule of Paint-A-Longs scheduled for 2016.  As we did in 2015, we started this year with an easy theme to get people warmed up- Classic / Old Citadel.

Not only was I able to find something that fit (a bonus considering most of my older collection is all in a storage unit right now!), but it was comprised almost exclusively of armor and bone, which meant I had more of a chance than I might otherwise of finding time to get it done before the deadline at the end of January.

I've had this fig for 15 or 20 years, and lusted after it long before that.  There was that wonderful but brief time where GW would cast up otherwise out of print figures for you if you just happened to have the original catalog code for them. This is one of the batch that I greedily ordered up during that time, and I'm quite glad I did.   He'll have a great home in the front of a satyr unit, among all the other half-men, half-beast, hermaphroditic, chaotic creatures that make up my beastman-slannesh force.

If you want to join us for the Classic Citadel Paint-A-Long, or any of the other company specific paint-a-longs this year, hop on over to Random Platypus and check out this years schedule:

  • January: Classic Citadel
  • February: Brindie Collective ( Warploque, JoeK, Infamy, & White Dragon )
  • March: Otherworld
  • May: Guild of Harmony / Twisted
  • July: Wyrd
  • September: Privateer Press
  • November: Heresy

There are also regularly rotating thematic paint-a-longs happening every couple of months, if you're looking for some random camaraderie and motivation to finish projects.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good stuff - as you know I'm in the same boat somewhat but hopefully I'll be getting stuff done in 2016 too.

Unfortunately I don't already have minis for most of the paint-alongs this year... but we'll see how I go!

Keep it up :)