February 13, 2010

a humming on the horizon

Giant hornets!

I've been trying to figure out how to paint the wings over the last week or so, and I've come up with what I hope will be a great way to do them. Right now there is a small RTV rubber mold in the basement with liquid acrylic resin cooling and hardening in it. If the mold works, I'll have clear plastic wings for my hornets when I crack it open tomorrow.

Lets hope for the best!


Andyroo said...

A few years ago I purchased these figures for a pulp / caveman game I wanted to do. Never did do anything with them and having seen these wonderful figures they will remain in the box out of shame :-)

Basically, these blew me away this morning and the whole idea of clear wings is fantastic.

Get the feeling I like these?


CJP said...

Glad you like them Andrew, thanks! The sculpting on them is nice and clean and so they paint up quite easily - should you ever fancy having a go at yours. ;)