March 19, 2010

News from the front.

New news on the hornet wings yet, hopefully this weekend will bring some progress in one way or another.

A few weeks ago I dug into the Closet of Woe and pulled out some modern era soviet troops from Devil Dog Design. I picked these up a few years ago thinking to try out gaming some Modern or Twilight2K skirmish actions at some point. I spent quite a while looking around for modern figures that I liked, and while there are a decent selection out there for NATO troops, their likely opponents are few and far between. I settled on Devil Dog as they had a decent selection and decent quality. Now that I've actually opened the packs and tinkered with the figures, the quality is a little less than I'd originally thought- but they are OK. The multiple heads is a great idea, but as with many interchangable part designs, the execution is a little lacking and it basically means every possibility is a poor fit and needs some work. That being said, I still think these will be just fine for gaming. I did this guy as a quick diversion while I was in the middle of some other stuff. Total painting time is probably 1hour. The camo is based on the Bulgarian Mountain Commando uniform from the 80s/90s.

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