March 29, 2010

What's the buzz?

I finally have finished these buggers!

This swarm of Vespa crabro was quite a fun little detour from my normal fare. An interesting diversion, and fairly amusing too. I found myself snickering fairly regularly with these. I also have to confess to having dive bombed my amazingly patient wife with them on a few occasions over the course of the project.

Available time and energy sent me looking for other options beyond my original idea to re-cast the wings in clear resin. I moved on to thoghts of fashioning them out of acrylic sheeting and possibly sculpting in the details. Then I found 'Illusion Film' which is polycarbonate sheets with lenticular patterning in them to give a sort of holographic effect. This stuff ended up being the magic bullet and allowing me to pull this project to a close with a lot less hassle than I was originally envisioning.

I may take another picture to demonstrate the wing effect better as these were taken with diffused lighting, and so the patterns don't pop quite as much as it does in person.

There are higher quality versions of the images on flickr if you're interested.

Also, if you're in the UK these will be buzzing around the table at the Frotherheim participation game at Salute 2010 this April.

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