October 24, 2010

Tome Time

Aparently I received a package from Britain the otherday, but my wife didn't mention it, and I didn't see it sitting around anywhere. Finally though, it has arrived and I eventually was made aware of it. It is the new masterclass book from Kevin Dallimore & Wargames Foundry. About 2 years ago Kevin asked me to submit some work for this, and I am happy to say he eventually selected my stuff, and now there it is, spread across 4 pages of the book, warts and all.

As exciting as it is to see my work in the book, I have to say I'm less satisfied by the quality of the images than I had hoped. I thought I provided pretty decent photographs of my figures, but for at least a couple of them the color correction is pretty bad and the figures look washed out and kind of blasted out, which is rather unfortunate. I'm sort of suprised they would publish it like that considering in my brief scan of the book so far I haven't seen any other really obviously poorly edited images. Oh well.

If you have the book, here a couple of the originals to compare to:



Man these figures seem old now.

Lest it seem like I am unimpressed, that is not the case, It was still really nice of Kevin to invite me to contribute, and it is pretty neat and satisfying to see my work in the book.

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