October 11, 2010

You know, for kids

When the warhammer v8 box was released the thing that caught my eye was the gryphon lord included as standard. Having such a monster right from the get go is quite a change from the last time the high elves were in a box set and they offered you 20 spearmen and 20 archers. That probably says something about the direction the game and GW are taking with the new version, but all I'm concerned with is the model.

I have no interest in high elves, but I do have an interest in nice monster models, especially ones I don't have in my own armies, and even more so when there are going to be tons of them floating around ebay when people buy the box sets for the rules and/or the other army included. I picked one up to see if it was worth using as conversion fodder for my empire army. I'm still not sure, but in the meantime I decided to paint it up and see what the market for decently painted gryphons might be (hopefully) before it gets saturated with them.

I'm about this far on it:

I'm still trying to work out a nifty base for it. Perhaps some chunks of ruined walls? Or sections of a tumbled column or two? I'm sure I'll think of something, eventually, but I'm certainly open to suggestions too.

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