March 7, 2011


Well the dwarf unit is so close to being done, that I'll wait to post a final picture of it rather than a 99% WIP. I'm working on the ground cover today (home sick from work), and I've found a new musician figure for it, which is on order. So I'll still need to do him to actually finish the unit, but I'll probably take pictures tonight of the rest of the crew.

My FFL are coming along, but it was hard going to get them to this point. I really can't justify painting camofluage (sp?). Maybe it would be different if I had a better rhythm, or a more formulaic system for doing it, but as it is, it was pretty infuriating, and hard to get into the process. I still think these fellows look okay, but I can't imagine a project with more than four figures.

I'm down to final details on these- goggle lenses, guns, faces, insignia... and that should be about it.

Another Fenris standing stone is getting ground work this afternoon with the dwarves, and I've started preliminary assembly of the ruined GW tower I bought a few months ago, so the terrain collection continues to expand.

I've also taken delivery of my remaining Clue figures from Artizan, which are cleaned and based, and will be primed today.

Progress on all fronts! Its a lovely thing.

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