March 25, 2011

a worthwhile diversion

I came across a small monthly competition for Empire armies, and March's category was state troops. It seemed like a neat idea, and I wanted to do a test of my planned color scheme for my swordsmen anyway, so I put the wizards on hold for 2 days and whipped up these Foundry rodoleros. I'm really glad I decided on these figures; now that I have some painted up I'm even more convinced that this unit will look super awesome when its done. They may end up being the next big project after some singles. . . only time will tell.

These are also the first time I've tried pre-tufted grass. I've always thought the Silfor tufts looked pretty nice, but wasn't sure they'd be worth the money. Antenociti's Workshop picked up a new brand, Fredericus Rex, and I thought I'd give them a whirl. The colors are nice, and they go down fairly well, but I'm still not sure if the convenience is worth the money. A lot of the tufts are too big for a 20mm base though, so if I cut them down into 1/2s and 1/3rds, they may go a lot further, and possibly be worth the convenience of not having to flock by hand. The flowers were another one from A.W., that I'd been eyeing for a while, and they are definitely an excellent product if you want to add some decently realistic color to your bases. Not exactly cheap, but you get what you pay for.


James Brewerton said...

they look great and I agree about the tuffs, I use them alot but I have my figures multi based so more room for me. This is going to be an ace looking armie when complete
Peace James

Paul´s Bods said...

Excellent stuff. Ive just started into the world of 28mm medievals looking at your stuff is inspiring

Anonymous said...

Lovely colours and don't they look mean!